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The Knights of Arrethtrae is a medieval action/adventure series allegory. Building upon the Kingdom of Arrethtrae as created in The Kingdom Series books, these stories fit within the time of the waiting years, between books 3 and 5. This is analogous to the Church Age or the Time of the Gentiles. This is not a chronological series like the Kingdom Series, for each book stands alone and tells of the adventures of individual knights during this time period. The Knights of the Prince are recruiting and training all who will follow the Prince as they wait for His return. During these years, brave knights rise up and take the story of the Prince deep into the heart of the kingdom and to the far reaches of the land. They encounter great adversity and peril as they fight against many strongholds established by the Dark Knight as well as those influenced by his power. Each title allegorically teaches a biblical principle such as loyalty, compassion, courage, humility, and faith while warning against the tools of the devil such as rebellion, greed, doubt, and apathy.

Kingdom Series by Chuck Black is published by Multnomah Publishing. The titles include Kingdom’s Dawn, Kingdom’s Hope, Kingdom’s Edge, Kingdom’s Call, Kingdom’s Quest, and Kingdom’s Reign.

The Kingdom Series novels are Biblical allegories that are set in a medieval time period. They cover the span of time from Genesis through the book of Revelation. They are full of action and adventure where swords, knights, and battle are all Biblically symbolic. The allegory teaches Godly character, the adventure captures the imagination of all ages, and the action keeps teenagers engrossed from cover to cover…even non-readers! They are GREAT read-alouds! Deep symbolism with an action story makes excellent reading for ages 8 to adult.

The series is one continuous story with characters that portray courage, loyalty, discipline, and honor.

There is no magic, mysticism, or wizardry in the Kingdom Series

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