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Other Family Building Books Call to Arms The Guts & Glory of Courageous Fatherhood “If you want to be a more effective father, read this book!” -Bob Paulson, Retired U.S. Navy Commander, Aviator, and homeschooling Dad


There is a spiritual war being waged for our families. Our adversary is strong and we are in enemy territory. Chuck’s latest book is a military-style handbook to encourage Dads to make a stand for their families.

Includes practical help for Dads.

Prologue – Choosing Wisely

Chapter 1 – At War

Chapter 2 – Men De-masculinized

Chapter 3 – A Man’s Authority

Chapter 4 – A Man’s Responsibility

Chapter 5 – Being a Man Your Family Will Follow

Chapter 6 – The Risk of Failure

Chapter 7 – Fighting the Fight (The Guts)

Chapter 8 – Leaving a Legacy (The Glory)

Chapter 9 – The Final Call (The Courage)


Chuck’s Latest  Book for Dads! $7.99

The Love That Is True (For Children) The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide (For Fathers and Daughters) To Train Up A Child (For Parents)

$11.95 -20% OFF!

7.5”x 11”

40 Pages, Hard Cover

Non-denominational Christian

Full Color (VibraColor printing)

Includes sheet music and Bible references

Through the Kingdom Series and Knights of Arrethrae books, I have tried to capture the story of God’s love for mankind and the spiritual battle for the souls of people in a way that will inspire the youth and adults. I have been looking for a book that will do the same for children. The Love That Is True by Paul Chilson is such a book! Your child will see God’s love and His plan for us through this beautifully illustrated book of rhyme, pictures, and song. This powerful book will be a keepsake in your home, one which I wish I’d had for my own children!                                -Chuck Black

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120 pages, Paperback, 5.5” x 8.5”

Published: Spring 2005

Authors: Annie Fellows Johnston, Revised and Expanded by Robert and Shelley Noonan

Fathers understandably feel awkward discussing purity with their daughters. However, The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide invites fathers to bravely assume their God given responsibility to protect their daughter’s purity for marriage while cultivating a close, loving relationship that will influence future generations. This splendidly written allegory of three fathers ad their daughters is intended to be a tool for fathers to mentor their daughters between the ages of 9-16 years.                          


109 pages, Paperback, 5.5” x 8.5”

Published: August 1994

Authors: Michael and Debi Pearl

Three thousand years ago, a wise man said, “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Good training is not crisis management,; it is what you do before the need of discipline arises. Most parenting is accidental rather than deliberate.           

This book is not about discipline, nor problem children. The emphasis is on the training of a child before the need to discipline arises. It is apparent that, though they expect obedience, most parents never attempt to train their child to obey. They wait until the behavior becomes unbearable and then explode. With proper training, discipline can be reduced to 5% of what many now practice. As you come to understand the difference between training and discipline, you will have a renewed vision for your family, no more raised voices, no contention, no bad attitudes, fewer spankings, a cheerful atmosphere in the home, and total obedience from your children.

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Audio book & MP3 download also available